2021 events for experimenters

Looking for some inspiration? Visit one of the following conferences:

  • Habit Day
    Learn all about how to change your life using behavioral science.
    For: everyone interested in self-improvement with science
    When: August 27
    Where: free virtual one-day event
  • Growth Marketing Summit
    Europe’s biggest conference for digital growth and optimization
    For: CRO specialists, Digital Marketers
    When: 2 September
    Where: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Advances with Field Experiments Conference
    The best and most innovative new work using field experiments to address economic questions.
    For: academics
    When: 23-24 September
    Where: virtual conference
  • Experiment Nation: The Conference
    For: CRO specialists
    When: 29 September
    Where: free virtual conference
  • Conference on Digital Experimentation
    : academics, researches and industry practitioners
    When: 4-5 November
    Where: online event
  • The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel
    Passionate digital optimizers will share their knowledge, experiences and skills in the field of Product, UX, Marketing, Data and Design.
    For: CRO specialists, Digital Marketers, Data Analysts
    When: 19-21 November
    Where: Texel, the Netherlands

Unplanned conferences to keep an eye on

  • Digital Elite Day: Conversion Elite
    For: CRO specialists
    When: end of September?
    Where: 2 day virtual event
  • Conversion Jam
    This is Scandinavia’s growth event.
    For: CRO specialists, Growth Marketers
    When: beginning of December?
    Where: online
  • Digital Elite Camp
    Organized by CXL.
    For: CRO specialists, Growth Marketers
    When: june 2022?
    Where: Estonia