Best Analytics Newsletters

The field of analytics is changing rapidly. And for many analytics professionals, it is hard to keep up with all new developments. One of the best and easiest things you can do is subscribe to a couple of the best analytics newsletters. From that moment on you will have a constant flow of inspiration, tips, and tricks. Coming straight to your inbox. 

Here are my favourite newsletters on analytics that I recommend everyone to subscribe to. 

Tip: make a rule in your email tool and move all newsletters to a separate folder, while skipping your inbox. Then head over to that folder once a week and you can easily scan for interesting links. 

The Marketing < > Analytics Intersect

Avinash Kaushik shares actionable insights from the intersection of Marketing and Analytics. Always thought-provoking and actionable advice.

~4 per month | subscribe »

Data Driven Daily

“A single idea in your inbox every day, to help you make better decisions using data.” This is a newsletter from Outlier where each week they shine their light on a different analytics topic. Some examples of weekly topics are: customer life time value, building a data culture and A/B testing.

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Data is Plural

Jeremy Singer-Vine shares open datasets to further explore. You can also browse all previously shared datasets in one spreadsheet. Ideal if you are looking for some interesting dataset to improve your analytics skills.

~3 per month | archive | subscribe »


A morning brief by Walt Hickey that highlights cool numbers buried in the news and features stories you won’t otherwise find. Numlock makes you smarter and you’ll start the day informed and entertained.

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Center for Data Innovation

The Center for Data Innovation produces a free weekly newsletter to help you stay current on all of the exciting developments around the intersection of data, technology, and public policy. Each week the newsletter summarizes the most important data-related news, features original articles and interviews with global experts, and showcases some of the most interesting data sets, data visualizations, and books available.

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Exponential View

Azhar Azeem’s newsletter gives an interesting view of the effects of technology on our society as a whole. It is less about data analytics specifics but gives a broader perspective on important developments.  My favourite part of this newsletter is the ‘Short morsels to appear smart at dinner parties’ section.

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Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict Evans works for the venture capital investment firm, Andreessen Horowitz. In this newsletter you will find links to technology news and blogs, including what they might mean.

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Funny cartoons by Tom Fishburne related to marketing, technology and analytics. Always make me smile.

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Behavioral Insights

I also make my own weekly newsletter where I share things around experimentation and analytics, which I think are worth sharing. You should subscribe.

weekly | archive | subscribe »

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