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๐Ÿ”Ž What I’ve been reading this week

1. The new standard for planning and analyzing A/B tests

Georgi Georgev did a major overhaul of AnalyticsToolkit.com. This website has solutions to many of the hard questions facing practitioners when planning and analyzing A/B tests.

2. Course: Experimentation program management

New CXL course by Ben Labay on experimentation program management. So in case your experimentation program can use a big push, consider this course. You will get a clear understanding of the pillars of experimentation programs and how to scale them to your needs.

3. Podcast: Modern experimentation platforms

Che Sharma (owner of Eppo) talks about how seamless end-to-end experimentation workflows supercharge product development.

4. Data product roles require specialization

The role of data product manager is becoming more popular. Eric Weber explains why specific background in data is necessary for this role.

5. Defining the applied behavioral scientist role

Connor Joyce created a framework with pillars of the role of a appliced behavioral scientist. There three main components:

  1. Behavioral Science domain knowledge 
  2. Mixed-method research experience
  3. Communication and translation of research insights

(see also image below)

6. Craig Sullivan on self experimentation

The concepts around experimentation can also be applied on yourself. Craig Sullivan explains how he (should) use it to figure out why he was having migraine attacks.

7. Amazon releases experiments and feature toggle tool

Amazon released Cloudwatch Evidently, a tool for experiments and feature management. Interesting move for anyone with their stack on AWS.

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๐Ÿ’ฌ Quote of the week

“Make a list of the assumptions in a business sector, and then find the ones which aren’t true or which won’t be true in two years’ time. You’ve now got a business.” โ€” Rory Sutherland

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