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Last week I was discussing an A/B test proposal. Everything was well laid out; clear hypothesis, MDE calculated and experiment planned. The only problem: the variation hardly differed from control. The actual change was minimal. So minimal I don’t expect people to notice. Now I could be wrong and that is why we are testing this of course. But my recommendation was to create a more bold version based on the same hypothesis. Take the variations you’re testing to the extreme and don’t be (too) cautious. You want to learn from customer behavior, but to be able to do that you need to be able to separate signal from the noise. Try something bold.

πŸ”Ž What I’ve been reading & listening

Seth Godin on 'Testing new ideas'
Seth Godin on 'Testing new ideas'seths.blog

“Some objective measures of new names and concepts are worth knowing about before you launch. Seeing what search results look like, understanding the trademark register, having insight about pronunciation and language issues. But general β€œhow does this make you feel” feedback on a new concept is almost certain to give you exactly the wrong feedback.”

Random Users: generate random user profile pictures and names
Random Users: generate random user profile pictures and namesxsgames.co

This is a great tool for all your personas.

Looking back on the origin of Netflix's Skip Intro button

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine streaming your favorite series without using the ‘Skip Intro’ button. On Netflix in a typical day, the Skip Intro button is pressed 136 million times, saving members an astonishing 195 years in cumulative time! But six years ago, it was just a glimmer of an idea.

Lyfe app
Lyfe applyfe.ltd

Cool new app that can help you improve yourself by analysing your everyday life. Exciting feature:

A/B testing: self-experimentation mode to see how changes in life affect it

Searching for outliers - LessWrong
Searching for outliers – LessWrongwww.lesswrong.com

Heavy-tailed distributions are really unintuitive to most people, since all the β€œaction” happens in the tiny fraction of samples that are outliers. But lots of important things in life are outlier-driven, like jobs, employees, or relationships, and of course the most important thing of all, blog posts.

Experimental Mind Curated podcasts
Experimental Mind Curated podcastsopen.spotify.com

Listen to Experimental Mind Curated, a curated list of podcast for experimenters. You can listen on Spotify or any other podcast player.

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Featured: Conversie Optimalisatie Lead at Kaartje2go

[DUTCH] Als Conversie Optimalisatie Lead bij Kaartje2go ben je verantwoordelijk voor de analyse en optimalisatie van de belangrijkste journeys op onze websites. Kaartje2go werkt al ruim 10 jaar met een eigen conversieteam aan A/B testen en user testen. Luisteren naar de klant zit in ons dna. Als Conversie Optimalisatie Lead ben jij de kartrekker van de CRO-strategie! Meer weten? Check de vacature!

All featured roles:

Also checkout the job board for more open roles in the in field of experimentation, CRO and analytics.

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β€œYou must make bold experiments in life!” β€” Meher Baba

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This tweet made me smile …

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