Experimental Mind: how Netflix uses A/B testing

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In today’s Experimental Mind newsletter three articles, from Netflix, Bhav Patel and Eric Weber. And of course the latest job opportunities and events. Everything in one easy digestible email, so you can focus on running your experiments. Enjoy.

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📰 What I’ve been reading this week

1. What is an A/B Test?
1. What is an A/B Test? netflixtechblog.com

The second post in a multi-part series on how Netflix uses A/B tests to inform decisions and continuously innovate on our products.

2. The 5 stages of grief when an experiment loses

Tips from Bhav Patel on how to cope with a losing experiment:

My one rule for running experiments is: “remain emotionally detached”.

3. Data doesn’t automatically deliver value: data products don’t either

Post from Eric Weber on creating value from data (products):

… what *value* are you creating for your customers and how do you know you are creating that value? Answering this question is hugely important.

🚀 Job opportunities

This week’s featured jobs: 

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📅 Upcoming events

This is a running list of upcoming events:

💬 Quote of the week

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” — Charles Goodhart

😉 Fun of the week

This image of Angela Merkel with birds is doing it’s round on the web. I have applied it to launching an experimentation.

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