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📰 What I’ve been reading this week

1. The Minimum Viable Testing Process for Evaluating Startup Ideas
1. The Minimum Viable Testing Process for Evaluating Startup Ideas review.firstround.com

Gagan Biyani explains why traditional MVP’s can lead founders astray. And he outlines a 3-step framework for developing a Minimum Viable Test:

  1. Find your value proposition
  2. List your risky assumptions
  3. Test the atomic unit

2. Facebook knows Instagram harms teens

The Wall Street Journal published a powerful multi-part series on the company this week, drawing from internal documents on everything from the company’s secretive practice of whitelisting celebrities to its knowledge that Instagram is taking a serious toll on the mental health of teen girls.

The question is: what will they do about it, now Facebook knows this?

3. Build vs. Buy: Which is Right for Your Business?

Learn the build vs. buy framework to consider opportunity costs and make an informed decision on whether to buy or build a custom solution.

3. BI is dead, long live BI

Good post from Benn Stancil about the dismantling of Business Intelligence tools, what they actually are and should be.

BI tools should aspire to do one thing, and do it completely: They should be the universal tool for people to consume and make sense of data. If you—an analyst, an executive, or any person in between—have a question about data, your BI tool should have the answer

4. How to reduce variance in online experiments

Sophia Yang walks you through some of the popular variance reduction methods in online experimentation.

5. Freakonomics podcast: ‘All You Need Is Nudge’

Richard Thaler’s book ‘Nudge’ was first published in 2008. With the publication of a new, radically updated edition, Thaler tries to persuade Stephen Dubner that nudging is more relevant today than ever.

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The key to good problem solving is a willingness to try things, experiment thoughtfully, and do the work. — James Clear

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Why do we track so many metrics? (by Work Chronicles)

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