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When I sat down to start creating this newsletter, I had a feeling I did not have much to share this week. But it’s the opposite: again a week with great reads on experimentation and related topics. This is proof that my system is working: even without being consciously aware I am able to collect great reads during the week.

The fact that the experimentation community is so open and willing to share also helps a lot. It’s great to be part of this community.

Enjoy the reads.

🔎 What I’ve been reading last week

1. Organising for scaled experimentation
1. Organising for scaled experimentationvista.io

Lukas Vermeer and Flavio De Souza write about our efforts to make experimentation an integral part of our culture at Vista. The Experimentation Ambassador program plays a very important part in that — and you could be the one leading it.

2. Imbalance detection for healthier experimentation
2. Imbalance detection for healthier experimentationwww.etsy.com

Deciding to launch a new product feature at Etsy requires teams to rigorously assess whether it will improve the user experience….

3. The most important thing: customers

Itamar Gilad:

As any good sales rep or marketer will tell you, building high value products is the best thing you can do for your business. High-value products are much easier to market and sell, customers are willing to pay more for them and retain better. High-value products also create strong word-of-mouth and brand loyalty, and keep competitors at bay. Optimizing for high customer value is optimizing for business success

4. Why investing in SEO (without first optimising conversion) is a poor choice

An often common belief amongst eCommerce brands that are looking to scale is that investing in traffic acquisition / driving more traffic is a sure-fire way to grow sales. That’s not always the case …

You’ll need to almost double the amount of traffic your website is getting to get the same sales increases from SEO as you would by increasing CVR by one percentage point (from 1.5% to 2.5%) via CRO.

5. 22 Conversion-Expertinnen
5. 22 Conversion-Expertinnenwww-konversionskraft-de.translate.goog

The German konversionsKRAFT selected these 22 Conversion-Expertinnen.

6. Robust Experimentation and Testing

Great blog post by Avinash Kaushik on the power of experimentation, but also it’s challenges:

It turns out experimentation, even of the simple landing page variety, is insanely difficult for reasons that have nothing to do with the capacity of tools, or the brilliance of the individual or the team sitting behind the tool (you!). It is everything else: Company. Processes. Ideas. Creatives. Speed. Insights worth testing. Public relations. HiPPOs. Business complexity. Execution. And more.

7. Learn A/B testing from Ronny Kohavi
7. Learn A/B testing from Ronny Kohavibit.ly

March 28, the third cohort of the ‘accelerating innovation with A/B testing’ class starts. Ronny Kohavi will teach you everything he knows about A/B testing in 5 two hour sessions. Subscribe via this link and you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

8. The multiple hypothesis testing problem

Bhavik Patel makes the case for testing one hypothesis at the time.

🚀 Job opportunities

Featured: Digital Analyst at RTL
Featured: Digital Analyst at RTLrtl-nederland-bv.homerun.co

DUTCH: Wil jij insights voor het snelst groeiende Video on demand Platform van Nederland creëren? RTL is op zoek naar jou.

Or checkout the other 36 open roles in experimentation, CRO and analytics.

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💬 Quote of the week

“The system is lazy. It focuses on the things that are easy to measure. … One way to move forward is to learn discernment. You can discover overlooked value by measuring things that are difficult to measure.” — Seth Godin on easy measurements

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