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CRO Specialist at RTL
CRO Specialist at RTLexperimentalmind.com

DUTCH: Wil jij grote digitale platformen zoals Videoland, RTL Nieuws of Buienradar helpen optimaliseren? RTL is op zoek naar jou.

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1. Instrument your platform for data-driven decisions

Jan Bosch on why proper data instrumentation is so important:

When there’s no data available, many decisions are made without much evidence, purely based on beliefs and earlier experiences from key decision-makers.

2. Learn A/B testing from Ronny Kohavi
2. Learn A/B testing from Ronny Kohavibit.ly

March 28, the third cohort of the ‘accelerating innovation with A/B testing’ class starts. Ronny Kohavi will teach you everything he knows about A/B testing in 5 two hour sessions. Register via this link and you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

3. Understanding and Improving Continuous Experimentation: From A/B Testing to Continuous Software Optimization

Rasmus Ros from Lund University finished his PhD on the topic of continuous experimentation. You can read his dissertation (pdf) and/or attend his defense ceremony.

4. How managers can build a culture of experimentation

Article from HBR:

Experimentation encourages innovation, but it can also be time and resource-draining. To make experimentation a productive activity in your organization, you must manage several conditions. What you learn from experiments, how you apply your learnings, the opportunities presented by your learnings, and, perhaps more importantly, the conversations you have with colleagues about your findings should have an impact on organizational decision making.

5. Measurably improve your product by combining qualitative and quantitative methods

While both methods can provide key insights into the user experience, they each excel in answering different types of questions. Thus, effective measurement and analysis should encompass both categories.

6. Glossary of statistical concepts and terminology

Difficult stats concepts, clearly explained by Cassie Kozyrkov.

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β€œIn God we trust; all others must bring data.” β€” William Edwards Demming

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