Mobile Phone Share of Activations: Pie Chart Remake

Today Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released the results of its research on mobile phone share of activations per manufacturer. You can question the validity of the research, but for now I’ll just assume the numbers are correct. CIRP bases its findings on a survey of (only) 500 US subjects that activated a new or used phone in the October-December 2014 period.

Their main conclusion:

Apple had the largest share of the US market, with half of all phone sales

In their press release they added this pie chart to support their conclusion:


Remake of a pie chart

This out-of-the-box Excel pie chart has two issues:

  1. it’s ugly and difficult to read
  2. it does not tell the whole story

I have created the following graph that also includes CIRP data from Q4 2013.

Phone Brand Share of Activations

This way of visualizing the available data gives a much better picture. We learn a few points:

  • Apple has only increased their share by a few percent points
  • Samsung is down 5 percent points
  • LG is up 3 percent points

And it took me just 15 minutes to get this kind of visualization (also with good old Excel).

If you take your job as researcher seriously, invest just a little bit more time in visualizing your findings the right way.