Most Companies Will Go Remote-First

The global pandemic has forced many companies to go remote. Here are three reasons why most will stay remote, even when they could go back.

Many people still think everything will go back to normal. But people are not returning to their offices, definitely not full time. I expect the Remote-First model to become the default: the company operates like everyone is working from anywhere, and for the ones that like to, they can go to a local office.

Here is why.

Access to global talent

Who does not want to hire the best people from around the world?

Companies do not have to limit their search for new hires to a 70 kilometer radius around head office. They can expand their search to the whole continent, even the whole world.

Diversity of ideas

Tapping into global talent pools also increases the diversity of ideas

Hiring people from different geographies, backgrounds and nationalities will improve product development, innovation and customer service.

Quicker to respond

With the flexibility of a remote workforce it is easier to enter a new market. Simply hire some remote workers in a specific country and introduce them to the product and internal processes. Let the local people decide how to be successful in that local market.

Remote-first companies will eventually replace every office-first company.

Chris Herd (source)

Make remote working work for you

It will soon become the norm. Enjoy the ride.