My 15 Step Checklist to Writing a Weekly Newsletter

Every Sunday evening I write my Experimental Mind newsletter. It contains a curated list of interesting articles I found in the days before. All articles are at the intersection of analytics, experimentation and behavioural science.

I often get asked about my process. So here we go. This is my step-by-step process of writing and publishing a curated newsletter.

Step zero is getting a glass of water and then walk to my desk, power-up my laptop and open the ‘Write newsletter’ checklist in Todoist.

The first actions on this list are ridiculously small, but they are crucial in getting me started, even on days when I don’t feel like it.

Now it’s a matter of doing the work and checking of the boxes:

  1. Start time tracking ‘Write newsletter’ in Toggl Track
  2. Start playing a relaxing Spotify playlist, like Focus Modus
  3. Open Revue and create a new email template
  4. Review emails in Gmail with label newsletters and save interesting links
  5. Check Twitter Bookmarks and save any interesting tweets
  6. Open and open all links tagged with newsletter (often 10+)

    Now comes the real part of writing the newsletter …
  7. Read through the articles and ask myself: is this valuable to include?
  8. If yes, add it to the Revue newsletter and write a short introduction text
  9. Review and add newly added jobs to the Experimental Mind job board
  10. Search my Logseq database and add one to the Quote of the week section
  11. Search for a cartoon or meme and add it to the Fun of the week section
  12. Update the running list of events and conferences
  13. Write an introduction to the newsletter and give it a title
  14. Schedule publication for 06:30 CET
  15. Stop the time tracker

That’s it.

Ever since creating this list of actionable steps, I haven’t missed a week.

Whenever you try to do something consistently, design the process to make it easy and fun. And keep optimising it. Then you truly are an Experimental Mind.