New York Times special front page

Today’s front page of The New York Times contains no images, headlines or articles. It’s a long list of 1.000 names who lost their lives due to corona. A powerful way to honor all these people.

As the death toll from Covid-19 in theĀ United States approaches 100,000, a number expected to be reached in the coming days, editors at The Times have been planning how to mark the grim milestone.

Putting 100,000 dots or stick figures on a page ā€œdoesnā€™t really tell you very much about who these people were, the lives that they lived, what it means for us as a country,ā€ Ms. Landon said. So, she came up with the idea of compiling obituaries and death notices of Covid-19 victims from newspapers large and small across the country, and culling vivid passages from them.

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