Newsletter Report January 2015

It’s been 4 weeks since my first Behavioral Insights newsletter went out. Time for some facts and an overview of the top links.


  • Subscribers on January 1st: 3
  • Subscribers on January 31st: 34 (+31)
  • E-mails send: 4
  • Average Open Rate: 86%
  • Average Click Rate: 46%

Top 10 links clicked

  1. Gerry McGovern: People are people, not users: “If we want to create great web services we must make a concerted effort to bring people into the center of our thinking and work.” Source
  2. Technology has made life different, but not necessarily more stressful. Source
  3. Apple dominated Christmas 2014, according to Flurry. Phablets are getting more popular and that seems to come at the expense of full-sized tablets. Source
  4. Pharrel Williams ‘Happy’ song was streamed 43 million times on Pandora. He received a mere $2,700 in publisher and songwriting royalties for it. Source
  5. For most office workers now, life on the job means life online. 35% of respondents say the internet, email and cell phones have increased the amount of time they spend working. Source
  6. Omni-Channel Optimization: There is no Golden Path. “Customers don’t cooperate. They don’t use the channels the way or in the order we expect.” Source
  7. Ev Williams (co-founder Twitter) on the issues of measuring online success by (just) looking at the number of active users. Source
  8. A Teenager’s View on Social Media. Observations from a 19-year-old guy. Source
  9. How to measure the success of User Experience teams? 5 UX KPI’s You Need To Track. Source
  10. Daily Information Needs is Google’s annual study to learn what people really want to know. Source