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Digital Analytics conference,

Past events

  • Guest lecture, Software engineering course: ‘Continuous experimentation‘,  TU Delft, 14 June Delft
  • Marketing Insights event: De impactvolle Data Analist, 17 februari 2017, Utrecht (rating 7.93/10)
  • Digital Analytics Conference: De Impactvolle Data Analist (12 October 2016, Utrecht)
  • ContentCafé: Het effect van content (9 March 2016, Utrecht)
  • Marketing & Insights Event: Improving Customer Experience using Analytics (4 February 2015, Utrecht)
  • Webtrekk Summit
  • Digital Data Tips Tuesday #6
    Tuesday 9th of February I presented at Digital Data Tips Tuesday in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I talked about how you can improve the customer experience with the use of analytics.
  • Webanalytics conference, workshop ‘Data Visualization’, 14 March 2012, Houten
  • Webanalytics conference 2011, Houten
  • Webanalytics conference, 2009