Tools for Optimizing Digital Experiences

Yesterday Amplitude launched their new product: Amplitude Experiment.

Yet another vendor extending their offering in the space of ‘optimizing digital experiences’.

I believe that in the end all vendors will offer an integrated suite of tools around data collection, analytics, personalization, A/B testing and feature management.

They simply approach it from a different angle.

Some started with marketers wanting to A/B test on landing pages. Some offered engineers a stress free deployment by enabling feature flagging.

Amplitude is taking a slightly different approach. They started with targeting product managers and their teams to better understand what customers are doing in their products.

Recently they already acquired Iteratively (a solution to improve the quality of data collected). And now also offering experimentation and feature management. Building on top of a solid data layer seems like a good approach to start offering other solutions.

In the end, I hope this evolution of the tools will bring marketers, engineers and product managers closer together. Jointly optimizing the digital experience.

What do you think, am I being overly optimistic here?

And did I miss some vendors?