Inside the mind of a procrastinator

A funny TED talk by Tim Urban on procrastination. Meet the Rational Decision-Maker, Instant Gratification Monkey and the Panic Monster.

[ted id=2458]


Teletekst: still my favorite newsapp

Teletekst remains very popular in The Netherlands. In other countries (like Great Britain and Belgium) the local Ceefax initiatives have been shutdown. The succes of the Dutch Teletext app can be explained by the fact that the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Company) released this app in the early days of smartphones.

And here are my three reasons why Teletekst still is my favorite app to follow the news:

  1. Limited: you only have to visit this one page to know what is happening in the world
  2. Speed: one Teletekst page is less than 1 kilobyte
  3. No ads: no annoying advertisements

As long Teletekst exists, I will be using it.


ContentCafé – Het effect meten van content

[DUTCH] Afgelopen woensdag (9 maart) presenteerde ik bij het ContentCafé in Utrecht. Het ging die avond over het meten van het effect van content (marketing).

Mijn presentatie vind je hier:

 [photo credits: Hans Dinkelberg]